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It's Personal

"Walking over water with Jesus" - Divine Service from Community 2018 Edition 3

When Jesus entered Jericho, there was a big crowd waiting for Him. There was also a certain man named Zacchaeus who wanted to see the Lord. He was small of stature. The other people did not like him. He was dishonest. Nobody took notice of him. But when Jesus entered the city, He noticed this man. He knew that the other people despised Zacchaeus. But Jesus went to his house.

At the pool of Bethesda there was one man who had been lying there for 38 years, waiting for the water to be stirred up. But nobody cared about him, everybody ignored him. When Jesus came, He saw precisely this one man, the forgotten one, and healed him.

One day in the temple, Jesus watched the people bringing their offerings, when He saw a poor widow throw in two mites—it was a pittance. For all the people there it was really nothing. But Jesus saw her, and He told the others how important this poor widow’s small offering was.

My dear brothers and sisters, maybe some of you this morning have the feeling, “I’m not really part of the community. I feel a little bit rejected, not appreciated.” Jesus sees you, and He wants to come to you and bless you. Others may think, “Nobody cares about me. No one even notices me. I asked for help, but it never came.” I tell you, you are not forgotten. Jesus will help you.

Maybe you have the feeling, “My contribution in God’s work doesn’t count. It’s not even noticed. Nobody says thank you. What I do is of no importance.”

Jesus takes note of all we do, every offering, every sacrifice. He tells us through the Holy Spirit, “Don’t worry, I’ve seen what you’ve done for Me, and I will bless you for it.” Even though there are so many people, we can be sure that Jesus knows each one of us personally. Jesus wants to bless each one personally and in a special manner.

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