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Rest Assured

District Apostle Kolb's introduction letter from Summer 2018 Vision Newsletter

Dear brothers and sisters,

And they continued… May these words bring to expression our forward determination and zeal after the wonderful Pentecost feast that we experienced. I was filled with gratitude and joy to see how many could come together to celebrate Pentecost and participate in the activities of the weekend. Thank you for your willingness to share the weekend with us and for your many prayers in preparing for this special event.

The Holy Spirit opened new understandings for all of us in this divine service.

With our Holy Sealing we received a:

  • Seal – the assurance we belong to God and He will always receive and accept us.
  • Guarantee – the assurance that as long as we remain in an active, close relationship with God, He will provide all that we need to enter His kingdom, despite the weaknesses that exist in the visible church.
  • Promise - the assurance that we will experience the resurrection of our body and enter the kingdom of God. This is the foundation of our hope for the future.
  • Pledge - the assurance that we can already today receive part of our inheritance in experiencing a foretaste of the Kingdom by going deeper into the knowledge of our Father in the divine word, feeling His presence in the sacraments, and growing in His unity in our fellowship.
  • Calling – the task to praise and witness Jesus Christ to those around us and profess His gospel and His return.

In light of these wonderful assurances and tasks, let us keep the promises we have made to the Eternal One when we were baptized, sealed, and confirmed, and thus, prove our faithfulness to Christ. We live under His gracious benefits and spiritual blessings!

With loving greetings,

LR Kolb

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