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Something Unexpected

"In a manner nobody could imagine..." from the Summer 2018 Vision Newsletter

Pentecost is a very important feast for us because it bears witness that God is the faithful One. God promised that He would send the Savior, the Messiah. And He fulfilled this promise, but in a way nobody could imagine. Something incredible happened. God, the Son, came to earth and became man. That was beyond anything man could imagine.

Jesus announced that He would have to die, they would kill Him, but then He would go back to His Father. In His resurrection, He rose from the dead, and He was taken up to His Father in heaven in a way nobody could imagine or explain. That was something so wonderful. He was dead, He rose from the dead, and He went into heaven. Nobody could imagine that.

Jesus promised that He would send a Comforter. I have no idea what the disciples thought, if they thought, “Okay, He will send a friend or somebody.” The Bible doesn’t say it’s the Holy Spirit. But when Pentecost arrived and the Holy Spirit was poured out, it happened in a manner nobody could imagine before. God fulfilled His promise.

Jesus promised that He would come back to take the elected ones, His Bride, to Himself. It will happen in a manner nobody can imagine. That’s definitely beyond our understanding. Nobody can explain it. Nobody can describe it. The return of Christ can only be grasped in faith. But we know one thing. It will happen! Jesus will come, and He will take His Bride.

Dear brothers and sisters, that’s our joy of Pentecost. We know that God fulfills His promises. We cannot explain it. We cannot describe it. We need to grasp it in faith. But we know, we are convinced, it will happen. Our God is the faithful one.

*Taken from the Pentecost service held by Chief Apostle Schneider

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