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Our Gifts

"A rich variety of gifts" - Editorial Letter from Community 2018 Edition 4

For as long as human beings are inclined to compare themselves with others, they will always emphasize their differences: color of skin, social status, nationality, abilities, possessions, and so on. And when it comes to such comparisons, our own position is often the preferred standard: whatever is dissimilar is recognised as a difference, regarded with distrust, and at times even condemned.

God Himself does not make such distinctions. Certainly He loves those who are like us, but He also loves those who are completely different from us. Let us not stand in the way of this love. All are to experience the love of God in the same manner.

Beyond that, let us join together to fight for God and with God. As those whom God has called, let us joyfully proclaim the gospel. For this we need one another. We need our differences. We need the gifts and talents of our neighbors — and they need ours.

When we look at it this way, our differences will still be evident, but we will no longer perceive this diversity as an obstacle. These differences will no longer be a reason for disparagement or condemnation for us. When we recognize that each of us can contribute our various gifts, we see our differences as an opportunity— they represent an added value for all of us.

As members of the body of Christ, let us serve one another. Within the church of Christ, let us put our gifts and talents into the service of Jesus. In so doing we will feel a deep sense of gratitude toward all Christians, both past and present, who have placed — and continue to place — the gifts and talents they have received from God into the service of Christ and His church.

The gifts are very different. Let us all engage our gifts and strengths without the need for recognition — but always out of love for God and our neighbor!

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