New Apostolic Church USA

A Promise of God

"Don't give up on the promise!" - Editorial Letter from Community 2019 Edition 2

God has given us a promise: He wants to bless us. Let us make every effort to recognize this blessing and share it with others. Don’t give up on this promise.

God gives us what we need in order to obtain eternal salvation. He offers human beings the possibility to be with Him forever. This is His blessing: His wealth and, ultimately, eternal fellowship with Him.

God gives so that we can share with our neighbor. Let us share our spiritual riches with our neighbor already today, in the course of our lives, and then also later in the kingdom of God. It is our wish that human beings can come to God.

It is up to us to keep this promise and pass it on to our children and to our neighbor: “Trust in God, He will bless you!”

Dear brothers and sisters, it is also up to us that we recognise this blessing and share it. Please do not tire of trying to recognize this blessing and speaking about it with your neighbor!

If we remain faithful to Jesus Christ, He will bless us and make us a source of blessing for others. It is my heartfelt wish that we pass His promise on to future generations.

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