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Why do we come to Jesus?

"Why do we come to Jesus?" from the Spring 2019 Vision Newsletter

Taken from the divine service Chief Apostle Schneider held in Charlotte, NC on February 10, 2019.

Dear brothers and sisters, it’s important for us to know for what reason we come to Jesus.

For sure, we can come to Jesus to get His help, and many people do that. They come to Jesus and they think, “If I go to church, if I’m a faithful believer, if I pray in the right manner, and if I do what I have to do, then Jesus will help me in my life. He will solve my problem.” Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. We are aware that even if Jesus helps us with something in our daily life, that doesn’t solve the whole problem. His help will last for a moment, but we will get sick again, we will have to face other problems. It’s just a short-term solution when Jesus helps us with these things. We are also aware that He is just one way to solve these problems. There are many other ways. Other people, they do not believe in Jesus Christ, they do not pray, they are not faithful, and they live at least as good as we live. They just have other solutions. They have other ways to solve their problems. So, if we just come to Jesus to get some help, we come for the wrong reason.

Other people, like the Jews of His day, want Jesus to rule the country and society. The Jewish people wanted Jesus to become their king, and they thought, “If He is our king, He will deliver us from the domination of the Romans. He will settle our problem. We will be a free people again, and we can live according to our faith and traditions.” This is also a way of thinking in our society today. Many people think that if they live according to the gospel, if they respect the commandments of God, if they do what Jesus tells them to do, then life and society will be much better. And they consider the Bible as a code of ethics. If the whole society would live according to the principles of the Bible, then life would be better. Again, we are aware this is also just valid for a short period because it is not the root of the problem.

All of us are sinners. We are imperfect human beings, and whatever we do, we will remain sinners. And because we are sinners, that will be the problem for us and for our neighbor. We live under the domination of the evil one since the fall into sin. And even if everybody lives according to the Bible, that won’t solve the origin of the problem. We will remain sinners. The origin of the problem is the fall into sin, the domination of the evil one. The problem is our weaknesses.

Jesus came not just to solve our problems in daily life. Jesus didn’t die for people to have a better life or to rule countries. Jesus came to offer eternal life. He wants to solve the whole problem. He knows the origin of our problem is the domination of sin. He has overcome evil, and He wants to deliver us from it. He wants to lead us into eternal fellowship with God. He wants man to live as the new creation where evil no longer exists. He is the solution for this problem. There is no other solution.

Jesus came to provide eternal life, to live in communion and fellowship with God in His kingdom where everything is pure and holy. There is no place for evil. This is His solution. This is what He came for, what He died for.

So, why do we come to Jesus?

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