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I Wonder...

District Apostle Kolb's introduction letter from the Summer 2019 Vision Newsletter

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I would like to write about the word – Wonderment!

It is defined as a state of awed admiration or respect. I have always believed that the words awe or awesome should be reserved only for the acts and work of the almighty God, even as Jacob exclaimed in Genesis 28:17:

How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God…!

It is good for us to find ourselves in a state of awe or wonderment from time to time in considering the omnipotence of the triune God. Such was the case in the divine service from our Chief Apostle in Goslar, Germany on Pentecost. It was quite unique in that the message was not one of instruction nor admonishment. The message simply and beautifully revealed the wonderment of the person of God, the Holy Spirit, and celebrated His power on this earth among the believers of Jesus Christ across the ages. The sermon showed the incredible strength that has been, presently is, and will continue to be imparted into the hearts of people in the face of tragedy, suffering, and difficulty. The message did not create for us a list of what to do or what not to do, but rather, it evoked a true feeling of awe in what the triune God is doing. Further, the Pentecost divine service was a message of praise and adoration, the logical conclusion of experiencing such wonderment. As we perceive the greatness of God, we recognize our smallness, and yet, also His intensive concern for us.

Let us grow accustomed to such services. They are also necessary for our development and understanding of the kingdom. To grow in spiritual health means we need to deepen our knowledge of our Bridegroom, broaden our interest and love for those around us, and more keenly recognize the plan that the Divine has for each of us. These internal soul movements of astonishment cause us to stop, reflect, and inwardly confess:

  • How awesome is God, my Father! How limitless is His love for me!
  • What a grace that Jesus Christ always comes near me and wants to forgive me!
  • What strength there is in God, the Holy Spirit, to help me endure and overcome all that I must to be ready for the Lord’s day!
  • And in conclusion, simply – How rich I am!

With love,

LR Kolb

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