New Apostolic Church USA


"A powerful force" - Editorial Letter from Community 2019 Edition 4

The Holy Spirit works in a powerful manner. This was already the case in the past, it is still the case today, and it will also continue to be so tomorrow. The Holy Spirit admonishes, strengthens, comforts, and inspires. He is our constant companion in all situations of life.

We recognize the Holy Spirit in His activity. In the church of Christ He has always reinforced belief in Jesus—even in times of persecution, need, and suffering. And He urges us today—as He has done in the past—to continue spreading the gospel with the certainty that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Through the apostle ministry, the Holy Spirit prepares the believers for the return of Jesus. Through the apostolate, believers receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and celebrate Holy Communion in fellowship with one another.

The Holy Spirit is active in the congregations—both in small congregations and large ones, regardless of the different cultures and conditions of life. He is present.

Within the believers the Holy Spirit produces the strength to remain faithful to Jesus Christ, to believe in Him, and to trust in Him. The Holy Spirit provides the strength to bear our burdens and to serve our neighbour in the congregation.

Nothing can ever stop the Holy Spirit. Nothing will stop the progress of the kingdom of God. The Holy Spirit is at work with all His might. With all our might, let us allow this power to be revealed in the congregations and within ourselves.

Let us thank the Holy Spirit again and again for His activity in the church of Christ, in the apostle ministry, in the congregations, and within each and every one of us.

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