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Great Are You, Lord

District Apostle Kolb's introduction letter from the 2021 Spring Vision Newsletter

Even though the pandemic begins to subside, we know that its effects will still linger. Therefore, let us find the continued assurance of God’s omnipresence in our lives within this short excerpt from the life of Daniel. It is found in Apocrypha in the interesting book of Bel and the dragon (a great mystery book to read to your children or grandchildren; only one chapter!), where we find in verses 32-39 additional information about Daniel in the lion’s den.

Daniel had solved two mysteries to the displeasure of some, so they turned against the king, who yielded to their pressure and allowed them to take Daniel to the lion’s den. And now comes the noteworthy part:

Now there was in Jewry (Israel) a prophet, called Habbacuc, who had made pottage, and had broken bread in a bowl, and was going into the field, for to bring it to the reapers. But the angel of the Lord said unto Habbacuc, “Go, carry the dinner that thou hast into Babylon unto Daniel, who is in the lions’ den.” And Habbacuc said, “Lord, I never saw Babylon; neither do I know where the den is.” Then the angel of the Lord took him by the crown, and bare him by the hair of his head, and through the vehemency (intense force) of his spirit set him in Babylon over the den.

And Habbacuc cried, saying, “O Daniel, Daniel, take the dinner which God hath sent thee.” And Daniel said, “Thou hast remembered me, O God: neither hast thou forsaken them that seek thee and love thee.” So Daniel arose, and did eat: and the angel of the Lord set Habbacuc in his own place again immediately.

So we see that Daniel was “quarantined”, alone, and in danger. The story does not mention that he prayed, but we know of his prayer life from before; his faith in God was proven. Imagine, God provided him food in an incredibly miraculous way by “transporting” a prophet from a distant land. Thereafter, even the king had to exclaim: Great art Lord God of Daniel, and there is none other beside Thee!

The God of Daniel is our God and Father. As He did with Daniel, we can be assured that the Lord remembers us. He has also provided for us during the time of our quarantine in a unique manner and will continue to provide for those who trust Him. He has all means at His disposal, yet we must accept the provision that He provides, even though it may not always be what we expected.

As the pandemic diminishes and our churches can open, as soon as we safely can, let us also come home to our congregations and together exclaim: Great are You, God, our Father, there is none other beside You!

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