New Apostolic Church USA

Word Service

A word service is a variation of the traditional divine service. The word service has a specific purpose. It should be adopted in locations where a group of members would like to hear an inspirational sermon with less interactivity.

Key aspects of a word service are:

  • Variation of traditional divine service
  • Short, inspirational sermon by any ordained minister (includes deacons)
  • No Holy Communion
  • Content is based on the DSG


Word Service and Lord's Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer has many different thoughts and meanings behind it, allowing us to express multiple things to God. Because of this, the Lord’s Prayer is part of the liturgy to be prayed at the end of a word service.

The Lord’s Prayer is not only a preparation for the absolution in a divine service; it is the prayer Christ taught us, that, when prayed together as a congregation, offers a number of communal expressions to our Heavenly Father. It is a prayer of praise and worship where we acknowledge His majesty and the joy in our souls that we can call Him our Father. The Lord’s Prayer is one of resignation that shows we want His will to guide our lives because we trust Him implicitly and so that His kingdom can exist today in the hearts of His children. Further, it expresses the longing that we want to be with Him in the future kingdom to come. It is a prayer of supplication where we ask for all that we need, both naturally and spiritually. It is a prayer of confession for our sins, but also an appeal to our Heavenly Father that He preserves us from the evil one and the dangers around us. It is a prayer of affirmation where we recognize that all of our lives are in His hand as He is the power, kingdom, and glory forever. Then, as a congregation, we say “Amen” to express that we agree to all the aspects of the prayer and that we accept these things into our lives.

Perhaps these thoughts may guide you when praying the Lord’s Prayer after a word service to bring to expression some new feelings.

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