New Apostolic Church USA

Group Devotional

The purpose of a Group Devotional is to connect the Sunday Divine Services with a work of teaching. To teach the word of God is to further explain and clarify; to help us find relevance within our lives and to encourage us to live by it.

The Group Devotional is a learning experience where a medium to large sized group gathers to learn about specific biblical and spiritual topics. When Jesus taught, he asked questions, told stories and helped people understand through dialogue. The Devotional will also be interactive where questions are posed to the group for response or dialogue. Sharing of personal experiences may also be encouraged when the experiences are related to the topic or theme of the encounter and contribute to the teaching/learning experience.

Key aspects of a group devotional are:

  • An interactive work of teaching led by a facilitator
  • Gathering of a medium/large group
  • Begins and concludes with prayer
  • Content for discussions
    • 2015 Midweek Experience Curriculum
    • Study guide based on the Gospels
    • Discussion guide of NAC Catechism
    • Discussion guides of VISION articles
    • Various seasonal resources

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