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The VISION is published quarterly during each season of the year and is sent to all of our congregations in printed format, as well as posted electronically on our website. The first edition came out in the Spring of 2009 and since then, the newsletter has continued to communicate pertinent developments in the USA church, upcoming events and special thoughts from our ministers to our entire membership.

We hope you and your friends and family will find these publications interesting and enjoyable!

TOPICS INCLUDE: The 10 Lepers, Resolving Conflict, Living in Peace, Worshipping Christ in the Age of the Spectacle, To Everything There is a Season   
TOPICS INCLUDE: Giving is Secret, Free Will, Overflowing in rich Generosity, Tested by Fire, Assignments, January and February Small Group Theme, Building Updates
TOPICS INCLUDE: Season of Thanksgiving, THRIVE, Pastor Appreciation Sunday, The Word of God, Free Indeed, Witnesses of God, Musical Training, VISION Journal Volume 2
TOPICS INCLUDE: What Will You Look Back On?, Grief, Love One Another, Closer Together, True Fellowship, Reflecting on Thanksgiving
TOPICS INCLUDE: Sleeping From Sorrow, Giving is...sacrifice, Connected But Apart, Retirement of Apostle Buehner - District Reorganization, Looking Past Sunday, Forgiveness, St. Jude Children's Hospital
TOPICS INCLUDE: Christ Makes Free, Acknowledgement, Financial Overview 2017/2018, Building Updates, Connecting our Members, Holy Communion Pocket Chalices, Deacon Conference
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