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Since 2009, we have been publishing the quarterly Vision Newsletter, and the articles in each Vision reveal that they all have a place in the Stepping Forward process.

This insight is useful in seeing the evolution and progress of the Stepping Forward initiatives since their inception in 2009. We have compiled the most important articles of the past six years into one journal. It is arranged by the four objectives of our Stepping Forward plan to have healthy and growing congregations: Culture, Divine Service Experience, Pastoral Care, and Sustainable Structure.

My hope is that you use the Vision Journal to answer any questions you might have about the Stepping Forward process and to see the plan set for the NAC-USA district coming together, piece by piece, as we align with the International Church’s vision and mission.

-L.R. Kolb



VISION vol 2 announcement


VISION Journal Volume 1 - 2009-2014
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VISION Journal Volume 2 - 2014-2019
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