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Divine service theme for the month of June: "The Effects of the Trinity Today"
The Vision that we work toward every day starts with the phrase, creating a church in which people feel at home. What makes us feel at home at church? Here is where we see the faces of the people that we love and with whom we share life. Here we share our burdens, tears, and grief. Here we share joy and…
    Please check this page often for updated devotional thoughts.        Resource Description Thoughts Week of April 13, 2020  - John 20:28 English Español     Week of April 20, 2020  - Isaiah 59:1 English Español     Week of April 27, 2020  - Psalm 34:8-9 English Español Français Português Week of May 04, 2020   - John…
Divine service theme for the month of May: "Newness of Life"
Turning to God As we journey through this unprecedented time, many of us have found our normal routines interrupted, and the regular busyness of life suddenly halted. We may never experience a time like this again, when we are afforded the opportunity to just stay home and spend time with our families and time on our own. As Christians, it’s…
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