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Divine service theme for the month of October, Our offerings
Yet again a major natural disaster has affected large parts of our country, placing many communities in Texas and surrounding areas in danger and distress. In these difficult days we not only stand in prayer and thoughts with all those affected, our brothers and sisters and the communities at large, but also are called upon to assist with short-term relief…
Divine service theme for the month of September, Peace through Christ
This interactive journal has been created for children and promotes active listening during the divine service experience. As children look through this journal, they will find two pages for each Sunday with various activities that provide opportunities for them to record and draw what they hear and learn during each Sunday divine service. While any age can use any page,…
El Apóstol Félix Manuel Díaz Salazar es llamado a casa… El Apóstol Félix Díaz de Venezuela falleció de manera bastante inesperada el viernes 4 de agosto, debido a complicaciones médicas mientras visitaba las congregaciones en Coca, Ecuador con el Apóstol de Distrito. Falleció en el trayecto de una clínica al hospital, en brazos de su compañero apóstol, Miguel Flores.
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    The Vision that we work toward every day starts with the phrase, creating a church in which people feel at home. What makes us feel at home at church? Here is where we see the faces of the people that we love and with whom we share life. Here we share our burdens, tears, and grief. Here we share joy and…

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