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Being a Christian in everyday life

The divine service theme for the month of September, Being a Christian in everyday life

“Being a Christian in everyday life” is the overall theme of the Sunday services this month. We will illustrate how necessary it is for the Christian faith to define the life of the individual in all its forms of expression. Every day of the week is equally suited for putting Christian principles into practice.

On the first Sunday in September we will address the necessity of spreading the Christian faith to others. Those who are convinced of the gospel will also speak of it—first of all within their own families, but then also in the circle of their friends and acquaintances. Our faith is not a private matter. It is supposed to work its way into our families and surroundings!

The divine service on Sunday, 11 September calls upon us to take an interest in the concerns and needs of our neighbor. The fellowship of divine service is imbedded in a community in which we pursue our path of faith—and to a certain extent also our path of life—together. At the same time, we are called upon to be hospitable, and to be tolerant of lifestyles and views that are not our own.

The sermon on the third Sunday of September focuses on the notion of serving. This sermon illustrates the service of Jesus, the service of the Apostles and the Chief Apostle, as well as the service that each of us is to perform. In the process it becomes clear that serving is extremely important within a Christian congregation. All services that are performed in the church have their source in the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ. God thereby personally revealed Himself as a servant to mankind in need of redemption!

On the last Sunday in September we will expand upon the theme of serving and demonstrate how closely related it is to sacrifice. In the process it becomes clear that all of us—whether we are ministers or not—are called to the priesthood. This priesthood brings sacrifices to God, which means that we are to praise God, give thanks to Him, and intercede with Him on behalf of our neighbor. Our faith is not to revolve around us—or our own salvation—alone, but rather always also take the salvation of others into consideration.

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