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Reflecting on Thanksgiving

Now that we are firmly in the autumn season, our focus starts to shift towards the coming Thanksgiving celebration in November. While Thanksgiving is not a biblical holiday, it does come at the end of the Christian year. This gives us time to reflect on God and what He has provided for us in our lives as we move into the beginning of the Christian year with Advent.

Recently in a divine service, Chief Apostle Schneider spoke about gratitude and how important it is for us to give thanks to God for His grace and for the people He has put in our lives. The Chief Apostle goes on to say that it is important for our children to see and realize that we are thankful towards God. You can watch the full sermon clip here.

We can also be aware, not just of the people God has put into our lives, but of His presence through His creation and this earth that we call our home. God calls us to be stewards of the land and its resources and we can show our thankfulness to Him by answering that call. To discover more about being a steward over the creation, you can click here to read an article on the topic from the Autumn Vision Newsletter.

The national holiday of Thanksgiving is an important time where we, as Christians and Americans, can reflect on what God has given us and how great He truly is. This prepares us for the season of Advent and the celebration of the greatest gift God gave us: His Son.

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