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Salvation in the world: Jesus Christ

Divine service theme for the month of January, Salvation in the world: Jesus Christ

In the first divine service of the new year, the Chief Apostle emphasizes one of the essential tasks of the church of Christ: the praise and worship of God. He calls on us to glorify God, in other words, to proclaim His majesty and omnipotence. That is why the motto for 2017 will be: “Glory be to God, our Father!”

This striking motto for the new year is associated with three tasks for us: namely, recognizing the greatness of the Father in His works, thanking Him for His gifts, and proclaiming His glory.

The theme series in the month of January “Salvation in the world: Jesus Christ” helps us recognize God, the Father, in the incarnation of God, the Son. Jesus Christ is our access to the Father and to the salvation of mankind.

The second Sunday of the new year shows us how we can grasp the appearance of Christ in word and sacrament. We listen to His voice and accept His divine counsel, see His care and presence in the sacraments, and feel His love and nearness, but also His concern that the bride may be completed and perfected.

On the third Sunday we are introduced to Jesus Christ as the First and the Last. God, the Son, is likewise author of the creation. No one can prevent Him from completing His work. He takes first place in our hearts and we will remain faithful to Him until the end.

The fourth Sunday service in January introduces Jesus Christ to us as our teacher. Jesus teaches with divine authority. He taught people to act out of love, to show reconciliation and, as a teacher, exemplified humbleness. Jesus’ words and works were always consistent. Let us learn from Jesus Christ for our own salvation.

On the last Sunday of the month the focus will be on the transfiguration of Jesus, during which His divine nature was revealed. The transfiguration makes clear that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Lord. By acting in accordance with the gospel we confirm that He is also our Lord.

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