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Fellowship with Christ

Divine service theme for the month of February, Fellowship with Christ

On the first Sunday in February we will look at the topic of serving. The emphasis will be on the fact that not only ministers, but all Christians, are servants of God. They have all been called to follow Jesus Christ and to profess Him to the world. At the same time, it will be made clear that following Christ and professing the gospel does not necessarily meet with everyone’s approval. Dealing with rejection, however, is part of following Christ.

The objective of the sermon on the second Sunday is to challenge us to faithfully proclaim the gospel despite the difficulties we may encounter. Concrete acts of love, showing compassion, and caring for the neighbour are the best way to familiarise people with the gospel. The aim here—and this will likely be a little unusual for many—is not to advertise the New Apostolic Church and win support for it through our humanitarian actions and charity.

The sermon on the third Sunday will focus on an essential aspect of Holy Communion, namely the fact that it is a meal of profession. Holy Communion is a profession of the sacrificial death, resurrection, and return of Christ. We profess essential aspects of the doctrine of the New Apostolic Church every time we partake in it.

The sermon on the last Sunday of February calls upon us to thank God for the salvation in Jesus Christ, in which He allows us to share. The congregation is to be made aware of God’s acts of salvation. For one thing, the congregation is to be reminded of those acts of God which bring about salvation, and secondly, the members are also to reflect on the help they have received from God so far. Everyone is to be encouraged in the assurance that God is close to them, and that He helps them in their personal situations.