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2017SpringVISION announcement 08

In 2017 we are introducing our first Domestic Humanitarian Project. The Cincinnati congregation has developed a relationship with an organization called One Way Farm Children's Home, whose mission is to break the cycle of abuse and disruption, and offer trust and hope to all children in need.

Our project with them will take place from June 1-4 with a maximum of 20 participants. We plan to stay at a nearby hotel to facilitate group time. The weekend will include work at the home (light construction, organizing, and cleaning), time with the children, devotionals, Sunday service, and a BBQ with the children at the home. The registration fee will be approximately $400 (with a discount for families sharing a room) and will cover accommodations, food, and local transportation. Participants will also be responsible for travel to and from Cincinnati.

This program does not have an age minimum, so think about bringing your family! Email for an application.


2017SpringVISION announcement 09

Our project for 2017 at the King's Children's Home in Belize will be a rainwater collection system. Once completed, this system will reduce the home's water bill each month by half and will have a major impact towards greater long-term sustainability.

The project is broken up into 3 Phases:

1. Rotoplas Water Tower Reservoir

2. Underground Rain Water Collection Tank

3. Water Treatment and Pump System


We successfully completed Phase 1 during our January trip and are looking forward to working on Phases 2 and 3 in June.

We'll be offering two project weeks in June: June 17-24 and June 24-July 1.

Once you pay the $25 application fee, we will email you an application and waiver to fill out and return. Your registration fee of $525 ($550 total with the $25 application fee) covers your accommodations, food, activities, and in-country transportation. Each participant is responsible for paying for booking their own airline tickets, as well as any passport or visa fees. Email for an application.


2017SpringVISION announcement 10

iChange International, a Swiss-based charity, is the main carrier and sponsor of the Mackenzie Community School in Ndola, Zambia.

This partnership project will take place from August 1-12 with a maximum of 8 participants. We'll be adding some classrooms (construction) to Mackenzie Community School. We'll stay at a simple guest house nearby and will have a day or two of rest over the weekend.

Your registration fee of $650 will cover accommodations, food, activities, and in-country transportation. Each participant is responsible for paying for and booking their own airline tickets to Ndola, and any passport or visa fees. Email for an application.

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