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Fruit of the Spirit

Divine service theme for the month of August, Fruit of the Spirit

In the month of August the sermons will deal with the fruit of the Holy Spirit, in other words, that which He produces. The gift of the Holy Spirit is sacramentally dispensed in Holy Sealing. If the sealed believer gives the Holy Spirit room to unfold, divine virtues can develop.

The sermon on the first Sunday of the month will focus on patience as a fruit of the Holy Spirit. We tend to grow impatient when we have to carry a burden for a long period of time. However, our ability to endure that which has been imposed upon us is rooted in our love for Jesus, because He loved us first.

Loyalty is another effect of the gift of the Holy Spirit. This is the topic on the second Sunday in August. Our resolute attitude of faith allows us to make decisions in such a way that we grow more and more deeply into the nature of Jesus. This also implies faithfulness to God’s word and the sacraments. The Holy Spirit causes the spoken word to have an effect upon those who accept the words of the sermon in faith. We show God our loyalty toward Him each day anew by way of our attitude and our decisions.

The following Sunday the sermon will draw attention to kindness and compassion. Let us allow ourselves to be guided by the power of the Holy Spirit. In our ranks there should no longer be any injustice, violence, or unfair judgement. Through Holy Sealing, God takes on an enduring dwelling place within a person. God allows that person to share in His nature, which includes His kindness and compassion. This is the best prerequisite for treating our neighbor with kindness and compassion.

The sermon on the last Sunday of the month will revolve around truth as an effect of the activity of the Holy Spirit. The fact that the Apostles and ministers connected to them can act in the right manner in the divine services—that is, in accordance with the will of God—is also a work of the Holy Spirit. He produces the power of the spoken word, and guides into all truth (John 16: 13). He also admonishes us to live in accordance with the gospel of Jesus Christ, thereby serving as an aid in orientation on our path of faith and helping us to always respond to evil with goodness.

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