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My Sundays : A Sermon Journal

This interactive journal has been created for children and promotes active listening during the divine service experience. As children look through this journal, they will find two pages for each Sunday with various activities that provide opportunities for them to record and draw what they hear and learn during each Sunday divine service. While any age can use any page, the left pages are designed for younger students and the pages on the right are designed for older students.

The journal encourages students to share their thoughts from the divine service with their parents and friends. We hope that this creative learning tool will enhance their experiences in the divine service; and, serve as a support as they continue along their faith journey.

Unlike previous journals for children, these interactive journals are not date or Bible verse specific and can be used at any time of the year. There are enough pages to last for 52 services. 

The journals are $6.00 and include standard shipping.


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