New Apostolic Church USA


Peace through Christ

Divine service theme for the month of September, Peace through Christ

The first three Sunday services will focus on the theme series “Peace through Christ”. The sermon on the first Sunday emphasizes that we should not allow anything to jeopardize our peace in Christ. The Bible text from the letter to the Romans provides insights here, and teaches us to preserve divine peace despite unfulfilled expectations or differing perspectives and differences among human beings.

The second Sunday of the month invites us to participate in the edification of the congregation. To this end, it is important that we preserve peace with God and our neighbor. Let us take advantage of the fellowship in divine service in order to interact with one another and forgive each other. It is in this way that ambition, hunger for power, and selfishness can be overcome, and that an enriching kind of peace can come into being in the congregation.

On the third Sunday we are encouraged not to make any distinctions in our dealings with our neighbor. It is a result of sin that human beings constantly measure and judge one another. The recognition that we have been delivered from sin and its consequences helps us to overcome divisiveness.

On 21 September we will observe the International Day of Prayer for Peace. The Bible text for this divine service is taken from Psalm 122. The psalmist rejoices in the fellowship of those who seek the peace of God in the house of the Lord, and expresses the wish that this peace may yet draw many other human beings into its power.

The last Sunday of the month is dedicated to the wealth of Christ. The emphasis is on the significance of the gospel, which has been personified in Jesus Christ. He is truth, love, grace, and the victor over sin and death. He is the bridegroom we are waiting for.

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