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Christ, our hope

Divine service theme for the month of November: Christ, our hope

The divine services in the month of November revolve around a central aspect of faith, namely “Christ, our hope”.

The service for the departed on the first Sunday of the month demonstrates that hope in Christ does not end at the grave. Rather, Christ is also the Savior of the dead, and He has come to save those who turn to Him in humbleness. Let us also draw attention to this hope in our intercessions on behalf of the departed.

The second Sunday service of the month deals with the self-revelation of Christ: He describes Himself as the Alpha and the Omega—the Beginning and End of all things. Jesus Christ is the Author and Finisher of our salvation. May He always have first place in our hearts, and let us make sure that He always has the last word.

The third Sunday is our Thanksgiving Sunday. We offer our thanks to God and we glorify Him:
• As we recognize that all things that we have come from Him
• Because through His love, we have been saved, and,
• Because ultimately, He lead us into His glory.

The last Sunday divine service in the church year focuses on our future glory. New Apostolic Christians are filled with hope in the return of Jesus Christ. In joyful anticipation, they prepare themselves daily for this event and their future. The future kingdom of God will begin with the marriage of the Lamb, will be manifest and present in the kingdom of peace, and will be perfected in the new creation, where it will endure eternally.

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