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Promise and preparation

Divine service theme for the month of December: Promise and preparation

In December the Sunday services will focus on Advent, a season characterized by reflection and anticipation, promise and preparation.

On the first Sunday of Advent we will concentrate on Jesus, the Son of David. The title “Son of David” first of all refers to the fact that Jesus is a descendant of the great king. The title also makes clear that Jesus Christ is a just ruler who rules His church. Those who are members of the church of Christ subject themselves to the dominion of Jesus.

On the second Sunday of Advent we will focus on Jesus, the Redeemer. Jesus wants to liberate human beings from the rule of sin. This is accomplished through baptism, which washes away original sin, and the forgiveness of sins.

On the third Sunday of Advent the focus is on Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus Christ is both true Man and true God. As a human being He is the new Adam: a human being without sin, who lives in accordance with the will of God. Let us take Him as our example and follow Him.

In the Christmas Day service it will become clear that God came to the aid of Jesus. God not only spared Jesus from being murdered by Herod’s henchmen, but gave Him the opportunity to increase in wisdom and stature. He also gave Jesus strength in the battle against His enemies and ultimately raised Him from the dead. The incarnation of God in Jesus Christ is a testimony of God’s love for mankind.

The year-end service will explore God’s love and care, His will to save, and His faithfulness to His promises. All these are reasons for us to glorify God.

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