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Jesus, the Teacher

Divine service theme for the month of February: Jesus, the Teacher.

 The month of February explores certain aspects of the theme “Jesus, the Teacher”.

The question “What do we owe the Lord?” leads us to the Tenth Article of Faith, which highlights our obligation to obey the worldly authorities provided no godly laws are transgressed in the process. Loyalty to the worldly authorities is part of our life as Christians. Just as important is our attitude toward God and His commandments. God deserves our love, our sacrifices and offerings, our reverence, and our praises. Jesus was always an example in all these things.

Praying is a central element of Christian life. Based on the example of Jesus—who taught His disciples how they should pray by way of the Lord’s Prayer—the second Sunday service will explore how we should pray to God. God answers prayers that are characterized by humbleness, gratitude, and belief. Also the aspects of seeking and knocking are addressed.

The third Sunday marks the beginning of Passiontide. The article deals with the incarnate Son of God, who stripped Himself of His glory to take upon Himself the basic condition of suffering mankind. Jesus Christ sympathizes with our sufferings and weaknesses. He saves those who come to Him with confidence.

The last Sunday service in February will serve to prepare the congregations for the divine service for the departed. The believers are called on to recognize the goodness of God and to rely on it. In Jesus Christ, both the living and the dead experience God’s perfect salvation by grace. Salvation has appeared to all mankind in Christ. Our actions must be determined by love for God, our neighbor, and even our enemies. The goodness of God is visibly expressed in the sacraments—both for the living and the dead—and is constantly confirmed in the collective celebration of Holy Communion.

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