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Divine service theme for the month of March: Passiontide.

The theme of the divine service for the departed at the beginning of the month is “Christ, the only way”. Christ is the only way that leads to salvation and to eternal fellowship with the triune God. This way is open to both the living and the dead.

The following divine services in the month revolve around the Passiontide of Jesus Christ.

The deeper meaning of the gospel announced by Jesus Christ is that, ultimately, there is only one decision that has to be made: salvation or judgement! This is the subject on the second Sunday. Its aim is to encourage us to think about the word of God.

The most intense way we can participate in the sacrifice of Christ is through Holy Communion. The sacrifice of Christ is an expression of God’s love for mankind. Instituted by the Lord in the circle of His Apostles shortly before His Passion, it confirms our participation in the new covenant to this day, and nourishes our life in Christ. This will be explored in the third Sunday service of the month.

On Palm Sunday we will remember how Jesus entered Jerusalem amid cheering crowds. The contemporaries of Jesus had certain expectations of Jesus. We also have expectations. We can experience the effects of His power as the Prince of Peace in different ways.

On Good Friday we remember the death of Jesus. Through His sacrifice He paved the way to perfect salvation for us. Christ brought this perfect expiatory sacrifice for us sinners under unspeakable suffering and excruciating pain. The divine service urges us to return the love exhibited by Jesus by following Him and seeking His grace. With His help we will thus be able to gain the victory over evil.

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