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Divine service theme for the month of April: Our mission

The month of April opens with the Easter divine service, which proclaims that Jesus did not remain among the dead, but is alive. The resurrection makes it clear that Jesus is the Messiah of Israel and the world as a whole. The disciples who came to the empty tomb were given the mission to testify of the resurrection to all people, and to spread the gospel all around the world.

The theme series “Our mission”, which weaves its way through the month of April, is based on the message of the resurrection of Jesus. Each and every Christian is called upon to spread the news of the sacrificial death, resurrection, and return of Christ.

The second Sunday divine service in April calls upon us to profess Jesus Christ. Here we must emphasize that our profession must occur in both word and deed if it is to be credible. It is only through our personal conduct, which is to be characterized by love and patience, that our verbal profession of Jesus Christ can ever become credible.

The divine service on the third Sunday of April will explore the image of the light of Christ. Jesus Christ is the light of the world because He leads human beings out of the darkness of a false understanding of God, and grants them the true knowledge of God and of eternal life. All those who wish to serve Christ must draw attention to the fact that He alone is the truth and the life.

On the fourth Sunday in April, the parable of the Last Judgement gives us a closer look at the relationship between faith and works. On the one hand, it points out that our good works alone will not lead to fellowship with God. No one can earn salvation. On the other hand, good works and ethical actions comprise a necessary component of a living faith. Our love for God goes hand in hand with the works we perform out of love for our fellow human beings.

The last divine service in April calls upon us to proclaim that the salvation of mankind is rooted in Jesus Christ. Every human being must confront and battle against evil. We receive the strength to overcome evil from Jesus Christ. Belief in Him is the prerequisite for this. Thus our perspective changes: every human being is recognized as a creation of God who is to receive salvation—and to whom we are to clearly explain the significance of the gospel.

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