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In expectation of the Spirit

Divine service theme for the month of May: In expectation of the Spirit

 In the period leading up to Pentecost, the divine services will focus on the expectation of the Spirit.

The first Sunday in May is our Confirmation Celebratory Service. This service is an opportunity for those of all ages that have been confirmed to reflect on the vow they’ve made to Christ and the blessing they received upon that vow. It will be a way for us to keep encouraging one another to grow, and deepen our relationships with each other and God.

On the feast of Ascension we will commemorate the ascension of Jesus Christ. Ascension is to remind us that we are an expectant and hopeful congregation, which is being led by the Holy Spirit.

The second Sunday of the month highlights the fact that the Holy Spirit brings new life. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit had noticeable effects on the people and the world they lived in then, and it still does so today. The Spirit of God helps us understand our neighbor, strengthens that which we have in common, and leads to unity.

In the article for Pentecost, the Chief Apostle draws attention to the fact that this feast testifies of the faithfulness of God. The promise of the Son of God, namely that the Father would send the Holy Spirit, was fulfilled. The gift of the Holy Spirit is also dispensed today through the laying on of hands and the prayer of an Apostle. This gift is a pledge to eternal glory and a calling to serve Christ.

On the last Sunday of the month we will explore the trinity of God. We believe in the triune God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—and profess our faith in Him and bear witness of this through our words and actions.

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