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Joy in the Holy Spirit

Divine service theme for the month of June: Joy in the Holy Spirit

Our hearts are still filled with the joy of Pentecost. The divine services in June will thus explore the theme of “Joy in the Holy Spirit”.

The sermon on the first Sunday in June focuses on “The joy of our election” and goes on to emphasize the fact that specific tasks have been conferred upon us in association with our election as firstfruits.

This thought is explored further in the second Sunday service: we are to carry out the mission we have received with joy. We are filled with joy because we have been granted salvation, which also motivates us to serve the congregation and our neighbor.

The third Sunday highlights the joy of our anticipation for the future. The return of Jesus Christ opens the way to eternal fellowship with the triune God. Although still sinners, we demonstrate our faithfulness to God through our persistent hope in the imminent return of Christ and, in practical terms, by fulfilling the commandment to love God and our neighbor.

The fourth Sunday in June serves to prepare the way for the divine service for the departed. Knowing that we, who have been called as firstfruits, are also sinners who depend on the grace of God—which we receive every time we celebrate Holy Communion— we show our gratitude by interceding for those in the beyond who are seeking help.

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