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Expressing our gratitude

Divine service theme for the month of July: Expressing our gratitude

The divine service for the departed on the first Sunday of July focuses on the fact that God alone can help those in need of help in the beyond. Spiritual poverty and spiritual misery result from the prevalence of evil on earth and not, as is often supposed, from negligence on the part of God. God loves all human beings, regardless of their circumstances or the conditions in which they live.

The second Sunday in July marks the beginning of the sermon series “Expressing our gratitude”. The focus on this Sunday will be on offering and sacrifice. From the Christian perspective, offerings should not be brought in expectation of a return, but out of gratitude and love for God.

The divine service on the third Sunday in July will commemorate a historical date: 14 July 1835. It was on this day that an event of great importance for modern Church history took place: the circle of the twelve English Apostles was now complete. On the same day, the Angels (rectors) of the seven churches in London solemnly subordinated themselves to the Apostles. Following this, the Apostles withdrew to Albury in order to gain clarity about their future mission. The focus on this Sunday will therefore be on the apostolic mission.

Even in Holy Communion we can express our gratitude to God. We do this by remembering what the Son of God did for us through His sacrificial death. Our gratitude is also expressed in our continued profession of faith in the importance of Jesus’ death for salvation: we proclaim His death until He returns!

The last Sunday in July highlights the relationship between the apostolate and the congregation for mutual support under the focal point “Depending on one another”. The Apostles and those appointed by them strengthen the faith of the members through the dispensation of spiritual gifts, such as the proclamation of the gospel and the forgiveness of sins and the celebration of Holy Communion. The believers, on the other hand, comfort each other by setting a good example, by praying, and by accepting each other without reservation.

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