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Living our faith

Divine service theme for the month of August: Living our faith

The divine services in the month of August will focus on the theme “Living our faith”. They will demonstrate that faith is not something theoretical, but that it must be lived on a daily basis, that is, in word and deed.

The first Sunday service in August deals with the story of the healing of the paralytic at the pool of Bethesda and its figurative meaning. Signs of spiritual paralysis are mentioned, while emphasis is put on the fact that we must show our desire to be healed by Jesus Christ.

On the second Sunday of the month we will explore the special importance of faith. Without faith in Jesus Christ—in His sacrificial death, His resurrection, and return—there can be no justification before God. Justification through faith means that it is not on account of our good works that we measure up to God’s standards and that He is pleased with us, but because of the trust we have in Him.

On the third Sunday in August the sermon invites us to profess our faith. Those who believe do not remain silent, but want to tell others about it. At the same time, faith urges us to act and perform works of love on our neighbor. Through these it becomes clear how serious we are about our faith.

On the last Sunday of the month we are asked to trust in God and remain faithful. We should feel that we are carried by God day in and day out—but particularly in difficult situations. If we trust in God, we focus on His will, are faithful, and adhere to the teaching of the gospel. Among other things, this includes believing in the modern-day apostolate, through which we are being prepared for the return of Christ.

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