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The gift of life

Divine service theme for the month of November: "The gift of life"

November begins with the divine service for the departed. The sermon is captioned “The gift of life”. Jesus Christ offers eternal life to those who believe in Him. Our mission is to believe in Him, to model our lives on His, and be an example for our neighbor. In fact, we are to contribute to the spiritual well-being of those whom Jesus has called to eternal life. Let us accept them just as Jesus has accepted us.

The services on the second Sunday and the last Sunday, the last ones in the current church year, address the Christian hope for the future.

On the second Sunday in November the focus is directed at our preparation with God. Upon His return, the Lord will share His glory with us. We will then finally partake in His victory and be delivered from evil. But we can have fellowship with Him already today: through redemption from our sins, by growing into the new creation in Christ, and through the strength we receive to resist the evil one.

The third Sunday is our Thanksgiving Sunday. We praise God the Creator and praise His faithfulness to his creation. Our Thanksgiving celebration includes: profession, joy, gratitude, and trust.

The article for the last Sunday in the current church year provides an outlook on the completion of the plan of salvation, namely eternal fellowship with God in the new creation. The church of Christ will then have attained perfection and will be filled with the glory of God. Man’s distance from God will have been eliminated: human beings will have direct fellowship with God. Let us remain true and faithful until the end. In view of such prospects, it is certainly worthwhile.

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