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The Presence of Christ

Divine service theme for the month of January: "The Presence of Christ"

The divine service that marks the beginning of the new year is captioned “Rich in Christ”. This is also the motto which our Chief Apostle has issued for the year 2019. The sermon will explore the wealth that we have received through our faith in Jesus Christ. It is a wealth that we both treasure and share with our neighbor in word and deed.

The three subsequent Sunday services in January focus on the various aspects of the “Presence of Christ”.

On the second Sunday we will reflect on the close relationship that exists between Jesus and His church. Jesus is the vine and His church represents the branches. The only reason the church even exists is because of its close relationship with Jesus Christ, from whom it receives the spiritual nourishment that enables it to fulfil its tasks.

The sermon on the third Sunday in January will illustrate the presence of Christ in His church. When the congregation gathers for a divine service, it can be certain that Jesus Christ is present in word and sacrament.

The divine service on the last Sunday in January will show that Jesus Christ is the power and wisdom of God. Through the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, man receives the gift of faith. At the same time, he receives the wisdom to recognize that the death of Jesus is not a failure, but a decisive victory in salvation history.

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