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The New Creation Within Us

Divine service theme for the month of March: "The New Creation Within Us"

The month of March begins with a divine service for the departed and the invitation, “Come to the throne of grace!” Both the living and the dead can come to the merciful God to find redemption. The prerequisite for this is to approach the Lord in faith and humbleness in order to receive what is necessary for salvation.

The Sundays following will shed light on various aspects of the theme “The new creation within us”.

The theme series begins on the second Sunday by demonstrating that God effects a new creation within us through the rebirth out of water and the Spirit. The old Adam must pass away and the reborn individual must make the endeavor to live a new life. At the return of Christ, God will grant him eternal fellowship with Himself.

The article on the third Sunday instructs us that we, like Jesus, must pass through a baptism of suffering, in other words, that we must be true followers of Christ, and also be prepared to give up the evil within ourselves. As Christians we also have the duty to spread the fire of the gospel to others.

Passiontide begins with the fourth Sunday of the month. Jesus has just announced His suffering and death to His disciples. In order to comfort and strengthen them, Jesus shows them His glory on the Mount of Transfiguration. The transfiguration of Jesus is to help them recognize the divine nature of Jesus. The Holy Spirit likewise comforts and strengthens us by allowing us to recognize divine glory.

The last Sunday service of March deals with Jesus washing His disciples’ feet, which also serves as a reference to the sacrifice of Jesus. Jesus came in order to serve. He fulfilled the will of the Father and gave His life as a sacrifice for the salvation of the sinner. Through the washing of regeneration, the sinner is washed clean. In order to be able to follow the example of Jesus, the Holy Spirit teaches us that our election is also associated with the task of placing ourselves at the service of our neighbor for the sake of his salvation. 

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