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Passiontide 2019

Divine service theme for the month of April: "Passiontide"

In the month of April, the focus will be on explanations concerning the Passion of Jesus Christ, in other words, His suffering and death. On the heels of His Passion follows the victory of the Son of God over sin and death, which we celebrate on Easter.

On the first Sunday, we will contemplate what fellowship with the Lord signifies. We experience this by worthily partaking of Holy Communion. The institution of this sacrament, which also signifies sharing in the death and the resurrection of Christ, should constitute the core thoughts of this divine service.

Palm Sunday calls to mind the events of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. False expectations are contrasted with the concrete fulfilment of the divine plan of salvation.

Good Friday commemorates the sacrificial death of Jesus, and we will examine the link between the suffering of Christ and the all-encompassing love of God for fallen mankind. The sacrificial death of Jesus Christ is also intended to motivate us to renounce sin and follow the Lord conscientiously.

On Easter Sunday we celebrate the victory of the Risen One together. To this day, His victory constitutes an appeal to us to be witnesses of this act of salvation in anticipation of our part in it.

Our joy over the triumph of love and life is not to subside in the time following Easter. The Easter event is the central message of the early Christian church—and must also be professed and spread with conviction by us today!

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