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The church of Jesus Christ

Divine service theme for the month of July: “The church of Jesus Christ”

On the first Sunday in July we will celebrate the divine service for the departed. Jesus offers salvation and redemption to all who find themselves in a state of remoteness from God—whether here or in the beyond. For this purpose, He has sent His Apostles with the commission to proclaim the gospel of salvation and dispense the sacraments. Let us support the Apostles through our testimony and prayers.

The three remaining Sunday services in July are dedicated to various aspects of the church of Jesus Christ. The church of Christ is the community of all those who have been baptized, who follow Christ, and who profess Jesus Christ as their Lord. The function of the church of Jesus Christ is to make salvation and eternal fellowship with the triune God accessible to mankind, and to allow human beings to bring adoration and praise to God (CNAC-QA 370).

On the second Sunday the collective service of the Apostles and the congregation will be described. The Apostles of today perform their service—and keep the promise of Christ’s return alive—in the same manner as the Apostles who served the congregations of the early Christian church. Wherever the preaching of the Apostles moves the believers’ hearts, it will also reinforce their willingness to serve.

On the following Sunday, the believers are called upon to help along with the edification of the church of Christ. On the one hand, this has to do with the edification of our own “personal temple”, but it also involves lending a hand in building up the church of Christ. Through the powers we receive in the word inspired by the Spirit, and those imparted to us in Holy Communion, we are able to grow in Christ and even contribute to the salvation of our neighbor.

On the fourth Sunday, the focus is on the future of the church of Christ—and thus also on our future as children of God. The mystery of who is a child of God and who is a firstling will only be revealed at the return of Christ: those who will have been accepted by Jesus will be like Him! However, childhood in God already defines our life in the present, for example, in our obedience to the will of God and our willingness to suffer with the Lord.

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