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Our Conduct

Divine service theme for the month of August: “Our Conduct”

The Sixth Article of the New Apostolic Creed states that the baptized “believe in Jesus Christ and profess Him as their Lord”.

The first three Sunday divine services in August provide pointers on how we can put the content we express in our creed into practice in our daily lives. These are captioned by the theme: “Our conduct”.

The first Sunday of the month makes it clear that truthfulness is an expression of genuine Christian discipleship: Christ is the truth. We profess that we take our Lord as an example in this by the way we follow Him in our families and congregations, but also in the way we conduct ourselves with respect to our neighbor.

The divine service on the second Sunday of the month describes the dangers of envy and covetousness as troubling factors in our fellowship with one another, and as indicators that we are not fully aligned with the mind of Christ. It also provides some reference on how these vices can be confronted using the power of the Holy Spirit.

The divine service on the third Sunday of the month calls upon us to exercise both faith and loyalty in order to keep the divine promises alive. The example of Abraham illustrates this for us. The article also exhorts us to pass along our certainty of faith to future generations in a credible manner.

On the last Sunday of the month a new theme will be introduced. The commandment to love one’s neighbor is examined in light of the term “respect”. Humbleness and esteem are to help us overcome selfishness and conceit as we genuinely follow Christ.

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