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The Return of Christ

Divine service theme for the month of November: "The Return of Christ"

As the last month of the church year, November stands as a symbol of hope for our future, namely eternal fellowship with God. It is for this reason that we prepare ourselves for the return of Christ and desire to proclaim the glad tidings of salvation and redemption to others, both today and in the coming kingdom of peace.

In the divine service for the departed we are called upon to be sensitive to the needs of our fellow human beings—both here and in the beyond—and to intercede on their behalf. Our intercessions bring to expression our trust that God will grant strength, joy, and salvation to those who believe in Him.

On the second Sunday the sermon will illuminate the path that leads to fellowship with God. Through His sacrifice and resurrection, Jesus has opened up the possibility for us to have perfect fellowship with God. He has promised to return and take us unto Himself. We approach the day of His return by progressing along the way that leads there—which He Himself is—in faith, obedience, and unity.

The divine service on the following Sunday is captioned by the appeal: “Let us welcome others!” Let us make people aware of God—both today and in Christ’s kingdom of peace. The Bible text for this divine service makes it clear that salvation is not only available to Israel but to all. When we received the gift of the Holy Spirit, we were also given a task: we are to spread the gospel and live in accordance with it as examples to others.

The last Sunday of November, which marks the end of the church year, is our Thanksgiving Sunday. We are grateful for the grace of God and all of the gifts His gives us. Because of the gifts He has given, we have an abundance of goodness to share with others so that He is glorified through our works.

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