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Fellowship with Jesus Christ

Divine service theme for the month of January: "Fellowship with Jesus Christ"

The New Year’s service will take place on the first Sunday in January. The subject is “Christ makes free”. This is also our motto for the year 2020. Freedom through Christ means both liberation from sin as well as being able to walk our path of faith as masters of our own destiny.

On the following three Sundays important aspects concerning our fellowship with Jesus Christ will be discussed.

The sermon on the second Sunday in January should make clear that fellowship with Jesus Christ also involves an encounter with His power and authority. Those who believe in and follow the apostolate will be able to experience the power and authority of Jesus directly. We must remember that the authority of the Apostles and Priests has considerable implications especially with respect to the sacraments. For only there where the apostolate is active are the sacraments fully administered.

On the third Sunday in January an important aspect of Jesus’ teaching is addressed, namely the proclamation of the kingdom of God. Ancient Judaism was quite familiar with the idea of a kingdom in which divine justice rules. However, this kingdom was presented as something concerning the future only. In His teaching Jesus makes clear that the kingdom of God is both a kingdom to come as well as one that is already present. Therefore divine justice can already rule now and an “acceptable year of the Lord”—a term from the book of Isaiah meaning a year of the Lord’s grace and favor—can be proclaimed. Where Jesus Christ is proclaimed, where He is experienced in His power and authority, there the year of the Lord’s grace is present, the “acceptable year of the Lord”.

The divine service on the last Sunday in January explores the fact that fellowship with Jesus Christ as well as a living and strong connection with the gospel belong together. Not only should the spiritual life of the Church as a whole be characterized by the gospel, but the spiritual life of every single believer. Everyone who feels that he or she belongs to Jesus Christ has the mission of proclaiming the gospel through word and deed. It is a very important mission, for example, to bring up and share the core of the gospel with our own family, our children and grandchildren. In this respect, every Christian has a teaching mission!

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