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The Law of Christ

Divine service theme for the month of February: "The Law of Christ"

The first three Sunday services in February explore the theme of the law of Christ. The people of the old covenant believed that they could overcome sin by keeping the Mosaic Law. However, this only became possible through Jesus Christ. The Mosaic Law became the gospel. The old law was clarified through the gospel of Christ and was summarized in the law of Christ, namely the commandment to love God and one’s neighbor.

The focal point on the first Sunday is “God among mankind”. With the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ, access was created to the grace and truth of God. Believing in Jesus Christ and keeping the precepts of the gospel bring the sinner back into perfect fellowship with God.

On the second Sunday, the focus will be on loving God. Our belief in the love of God creates the desire in us to reciprocate this love. We hope to grow in the likeness of Christ by adopting His nature: in other words, by learning to love our neighbor as Jesus loves him. In the new creation, all people will be united with God in perfect love.

The third Sunday in February will explore the theme of “Loving our neighbor”. The appeal to love our neighbor means that we must accept him as he is. Those who expect good things for themselves must not deny them to their neighbor either, particularly the salvation of God!

On the fourth Sunday we will prepare for the divine service for the departed and explore the fact that we need to love our enemies. When human beings fell into sin, they chose the camp of God’s enemies, but God did not stop loving them. God does not see human beings as enemies, but rather as prisoners of evil, whom He wants to free. Until the completion of His salvation plan, Jesus Christ will continue to offer human beings the possibility of attaining salvation by believing in Him and following Him. Let us pray that those who are under the influence of evil can be transformed from enemies to friends of God.

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