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Living the Gospel

Divine service theme for the month of March: "Living the Gospel"

The divine service for the departed on the first Sunday of March revolves around the comforting thought that God desires to liberate both the living and the dead from the reign of the evil one, and lead them into fellowship with Himself. In order to attain this, the living and dead alike must align themselves with the will of God. Our task is to profess Jesus Christ and to intercede in prayer for the departed.

The sermons of the two ensuing Sunday services deal with the question of how the gospel can be put into practice.

The theme of the divine service on the second Sunday of the month centers on the help of God and our gratitude towards Him. Our gratitude also comes to expression in that we trust in God and follow Jesus Christ.

On the third Sunday of March, the sermon centers on the power of the word of God. The word of God causes us to become His witnesses, who proclaim the gospel in both word and deed. Even under difficult conditions, God sees to it that His word produces something: it is an effective power!

On the fourth Sunday of the month we commemorate an important step in the passion of Jesus Christ. In the washing of the feet, Jesus gives His disciples an example of serving. Particularly in His last hours, Jesus would have had grounds to allow others to encourage and strengthen Him, but He served until the very end! Serving consistently and with dedication, in humbleness and without any expectation of acknowledgement, allows us to share in Jesus.

In the last Sunday service of the month, the focus is on Holy Communion, which Jesus instituted prior to His suffering and death. Partaking worthily of Holy Communion establishes our fellowship of life with Christ. No one can earn the right to share in this fellowship through good works. That which has been granted to us by God in Holy Baptism and Holy Sealing is strengthened and preserved by Holy Communion. This serves to our preparation for the return of Christ.

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