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Holy Week and Eastertide

Divine service theme for the month of April: "Holy Week and Eastertide"

The month of April brings us into Holy Week, when we remember the bitter suffering and death of Jesus Christ.

Even as the crowds cheered His coming on Palm Sunday, He was already on His way to the cross. None of these expressions of jubilation did anything to distract Him from the difficult path that lay before Him. Rather, He quite consciously took upon Himself the battle against the evil one. His sacrifice prompts us to make every effort to partake in the kingdom of God through faith in Jesus Christ.

On Good Friday, the focus of the sermon is on the once brought, eternally valid sacrifice of Jesus Christ. In His sufferings, Jesus Christ is more than merely a victim of injustice and malice, but instead willingly and deliberately takes suffering and death upon Himself for the salvation of the sinner.

Easter Sunday bursts through the night of death and grief. What shines forth now is the bright light of hope and the certainty of sharing in Christ’s victory over death and sin. This is the message proclaimed by the Apostles of today, as they keep alive our hope in the imminent return of the Lord.

The focus of the third Sunday in April is on our faith in the resurrection of Christ. This is the very foundation and centre of the gospel. We are called upon to have a firm faith.

The sermon on the last Sunday of April calls upon us to spread the message of the sacrificial death, resurrection, and promised return of Christ. This is a fundamental mission of apostolic activity in our day.

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