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The Effects of the Trinity Today

Divine service theme for the month of June: "The Effects of the Trinity Today"

June 7th - The Benediction Becomes Security
On the first Sunday in June, which is the Sunday after Pentecost, Christians commemorate the Trinity of God. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are distinctly different divine persons who are nevertheless always interrelated and one among themselves. They are worshipped and glorified together. Our striving is to attain perfect fellowship with the triune God.

June 14th - Holiness Becomes Reality
The divine service on 14 June brings to expression that the church of Christ and its members ought to be characterized by holiness. A fundamental hallmark of the church of Christ is thus its holiness. This has its source in the triune God alone, not in the human beings who belong to the church. These human beings are made holy, or sanctified, and thus come to share in the holiness of God, in particular through their believing acceptance of the word and the sacraments.

June 21st - Joy Becomes Everlasting
The divine service on the third Sunday of June deals with the theme of apostolicity, which comes to expression in that the gospel of the death, resurrection, and return of Christ is proclaimed in the church.  The Apostles see to it that the gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed in the proper manner and that salvation is accessible to all human beings. This message brings a present and everlasting joy.

June 28th - Needs Become Satisfied
The last divine service in June will prepare the way for the divine service for the departed. Out of His abundance, God provides both the living and the dead with everything they need for deliverance. He will satisfy all needs. Although imperfect human beings are active in the work of God, this does not prevent salvation from being imparted in word and sacrament. When we are in His kingdom, all deficiencies will be remedied once and for all!

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