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Ten into Two

Divine service theme for the month of July: "Ten into Two"

In July, apart from the first Sunday, we will be exploring three of the Ten Commandments (2nd, 5th and 7th commandments). The first Sunday, Service for the Departed, is founded on Acts 4:12 and will focus on the salvation that is found in Jesus Christ.

The services on the Ten Commandments are teaching messages, with the goal of bringing new perspectives and understanding. We will look more closely at why Christ wants us to follow them.

From these Mosaic laws are specific instructions which demonstrate how the love for God and one’s neighbor commanded by Jesus Christ are to be implemented in daily life (CNAC 5.3). The two commandments that Jesus stated in Matthew 22:37-40 have their foundation in the Hebrew Scripture and were reiterations of Deuteronomy 6:5 and Leviticus 19:18.

This leads us to our theme for the month, Ten into Two.

At times, we may have interpreted the Ten Commandments as one dimensional, but now we should consider their deeper meanings and expand them from “what I shouldn’t do” to “what I should do” as well. They are not to be seen as restrictive, but rather as indications of our love and respect for God and our neighbor. Remember the old meanings of the commandments, originally written by Martin Luther, that all started with, “We should fear and love God…”

Each service in July will connect how keeping the commandments demonstrates our love for God and our neighbor.

July 5th – Service for the Departed
July 12th – Honoring God’s holy name
July 19th – Celebrating life
July 26th – Esteeming your neighbor

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