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We, the church...

Divine service theme for the month of August: "We, the church..."

This month we’re going to explore Acts 2:42. Perhaps we could think, “I know this!” or “I’ve heard this my whole life…not again.” The elements of Acts 2:42, apostles’ doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer, have commonly been characterized as “pillars,” “walls,” or “cornerstones” of the church. However, this month, we would like to take a dynamic viewpoint of these elements, and let them define who we are individually as Christians, and together as the Church. This verse teaches us the fundamental practices of the first church, which we continue.

The Catechism states: On the one hand, the purpose of the church of Jesus Christ is to make salvation and eternal fellowship with the triune God accessible to mankind and, on the other hand, to bring worship and praise to God (CNAC 6.2). The Chief Apostle added to this point in saying that the purpose of the church was to make disciples. This month we’ll see how Acts 2:42 and the purpose of the church as stated in the Catechism and by our Chief Apostle are relevant to the life of the congregation, and move us forward on our journey as Christians. The fifth Sunday will round out the list of actions from Acts 2, with one piece further, remembering and giving thanks.

Each service in August will connect characteristics of the church:

August 2 - We proclaim!

August 9 - We care!

August 16 - We break bread!

August 23 - We worship!

August 30 - We remember!



Graphic Packages

To further promote our monthly sermon themes, graphic packages will now be made available for A/V teams on Music Companion under the Resources menu – DIVINE SERVICE GUIDE SUMMARY AND MONTHLY GRAPHICS. Each month will have a zip file with a slide that corresponds to the monthly banner on, as well as several background slides for Bible verses and song lyrics.

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