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Learn from Me...

Divine service theme for the month of October "Learn from Me..."

In the recent months, our sermon themes have explored key elements of being a disciple of Jesus Christ by focusing on: the 10 commandments, the continued determination of the early church through Acts 2:42, and phrases from the Lord’s Prayer.

October’s sermon theme is taken directly from the words of Jesus, learn from Me… (ref. Matthew 11:29). By definition, a true Christian, must learn from Jesus Christ. The Church is a culture of learning and everyone, no matter how old, is constantly in development and on an ongoing journey of discovery with the Lord to become His disciple. A disciple is one who is disciplined in the teaching of another and only He can be our perfect example of how to live a godly life in alignment with the will of the Father.

This month, our sermons will highlight Jesus’ example of how He kept seeking God’s will, perfectly demonstrated divine love, exalted God, and brought “good news” to the world. Interestingly, the midweek service highlights all these aspects, that which can be learned from “The Servant of God.”

October 4 - Learn from Me...God's will - Apostle Orlofski

October 11 - Learn from - Apostle Ferguson

October 18 - Learn from glorify God - District Apostle Kolb

October 25 - Learn from Me...the good news - Apostle Schmidt


Midweek service – The Servant of God (Available on the NAC USA YouTube channel Wednesday, October 7th, to be used at any point during October)


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For those whose congregations are not yet open, an on-demand video service will be available by 10:00am eastern time every Sunday morning during October at and the NAC USA YouTube channel.


Graphic Packages

To further promote our monthly sermon themes, graphic packages will now be made available for A/V teams on Music Companion under the Resources menu – DIVINE SERVICE GUIDE SUMMARY AND MONTHLY GRAPHICS. Each month will have a zip file with a slide that corresponds to the monthly banner on, as well as several background slides for Bible verses and song lyrics.