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The Church of Christ Is...

Sermon theme for the month of June: "The Church of Christ Is..."

Our theme for this month is taken from our Creed, the Third article of faith:

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the one, holy, universal, and apostolic church…

The four marks of the church listed above are based on statements contained in the Creed of Nicaea-Constantinople (CNAC 2.2.2), which express belief in the one, holy, universal [catholic], and apostolic church.

We believe that Christ gave us the church, because we need each other to complete the body of Christ. Our new life in Christ is actualized in and with others. We were created by God to exist in fellowship with Him and with each other. Hebrews encourages us to come together where we can experience the fullness of being a Christian as Jesus intended (Hebrews 10:25). To fulfill Christ’s commands, we need a neighbor!

The visible church will never be able to completely fulfill the requirements of being one, holy, universal, and apostolic due to the sinfulness of the human beings active in it, among other things. Despite these inadequacies, the church of Christ does not remain concealed or inaccessible. It can be most clearly experienced where the Apostle ministry, the dispensation of the three sacraments to the living and the dead, as well as the proper proclamation of the word are present. It is central to our discipleship in Christ and a fundamental element of our Christian faith. (See CNAC 6.4 and 6.4.1 for an overview.)


For those whose congregations are not open, a live service will be streamed every Sunday at 10:00am Eastern time, and then will be available on-demand after the service has concluded. These services will be available every Sunday morning during the month at and the NAC USA YouTube channel.

Call-in information is available at this link. Please note, for the live webcast services, the audio will be available on the call-in lines immediately after the service concludes (roughly 11:30am Eastern time).


June 2 - Egoism - Midweek service for June


June 6 - The church of Christ Is...apostolic


June 13 - The church of Christ is...holy


June 20 - The church of Christ


June 27 - The church of Christ is...universal




Graphic Packages

To further promote our monthly sermon themes, graphic packages will now be made available for A/V teams on Music Companion under the Resources menu – DIVINE SERVICE GUIDE SUMMARY AND MONTHLY GRAPHICS. Each month will have a zip file with a slide that corresponds to the monthly banner on, as well as several background slides for Bible verses and song lyrics.

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