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Recognizing Salvation

The first two Sundays in January share the theme of “Recognizing salvation”.


The first Sunday service of the new year is scheduled for 6 January, which is also the feast of Epiphany. It is on this day that many Christians once again expressly commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, the manifestation (epiphany) of God among mankind. The recognition that Christ is salvation and that His person guarantees both present and future fellowship with God, is illustrated in a statement made by the believing Samaritan woman. She brought to expression that Jesus is not just some itinerant preacher, but rather the Redeemer.


The second Sunday service in January makes it clear that our recognition of Jesus as the Christ must prompt us to profess Him. “Seeing and testifying”—the focus of the article—belong together. It will not suffice to merely recognize this or hold this to be true. It must be supported by our profession. Those whose lives are defined by the recognition and knowledge that Jesus is the Christ will not remain silent, but will testify of this to others—including their families, friends, and community—just like the Samaritan woman in John 4. A Christian way of life is always associated with the profession of Jesus Christ! This concludes the theme of “Recognizing salvation”, which is directly associated with Christmas.

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