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Devotion to God

Divine Service themes for February


It was the will of God to create mankind: “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness …” (Genesis 1: 26). After the fall into sin, the first human beings quickly recognized the power of evil. They hid themselves from God, and so the division between mankind and God was revealed. Nevertheless God, in His love, holds on to mankind despite their sinfulness, and continues to grant them His support and help. Ever since God revealed Himself to mankind, all human beings have been called upon to turn to Him. They are thus to profess their willingness to accept the help and grace of God. In Deuteronomy 4: 29–31 it becomes clear that devotion to God is part of human life. Human beings express this devotion by praying to God, praising Him, and giving thanks to Him. The profession of God and the belief in the Creator are likewise expressions of this devotion to God.


It is through their devotion to God that human beings also recognize the need to care for their neighbor. Jesus Christ cites the Old Testament law that inseparably associates love for God with love for one’s neighbor. In the dual commandment of love He shows mankind the fundamental attitude that defines Christians and their love for others. Such care for our neighbor is thus also an indication that we are followers of Christ. In preparation for the divine service for the departed, this care for our neighbor becomes even more significant, and is demonstrated by our intercessions for the departed.

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